Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Out of Darkness ... By Faith!

Courage is having a heart willing to try again with God today.

Whatever you are facing ... choose to believe the Truth that God is for you. He will never forsake you. He will never leave you. 

No matter what sorts of mistake, sin or failure you have made that lead you off God's wonderful path for your life - know God's mercy and grace are ALWAYS here to lead you back. God was continually gracious towards the Israelites despite their repeated effort to do things "their way". (read book of Judges). 

Spiritual darkness (whether we bring it on or even if it is a result of spiritual warfare) can do one powerful thing for us. What is it? It can drive FAITH into the deepest parts of our being. It is in this place of darkness where we have to choose in what or in WHOM we will place our hope, our confidence and our trust in. 

If you don't feel like you are on God's wonderful path for your life .... choose to TRUST Him today .... and follow the stepping path back towards Him. He will lead you into His perfect plan and will for your life ... and you choose to trust Him when you can not see what is ahead of you.   Step out of the darkness .... by FAITH.  By Faith, be it unto you! 

"I will lead blind Israel down a new path, guiding them along an unfamiliar way. I will brighten the darkness before them and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things; I will not forsake them." 
- Isaiah 42:16

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orphan or Child? What Are We?

Christians who walk in an orphan mindset (meaning they don't know the Truth of who they are as a child of God) .... strive to do things FOR God. 

They are jealous, insecure and want to kill the favor of God in others. They will do anything to advance themselves and forsake the callings of others. An orphan can't stand seeing someone else doing good thi
ngs for God because they want to be that "someone special".

An orphan wants to be seen and to be known by others. They feel jealousy when someone else receives favor or is honored. They will seek to position themselves with people in power or authority. They will seek to connect with people who have a name .. a name that can do something for them.

I have seen this with close friends of mine who have recently received national success. People have come out of the woodwork to want to use their name and their success for the advancement of their own ministry or cause. People who cared nothing about them during their seasons of struggling. My friend and I have talked so much about this. Thank God they can see the impure motives of others.

The orphan wants to steal the identity and favor off of someone else - for themselves. They want to be the one rising to the top. The orphan is not humble- considering others as better than themselves. They are driven by self. They have yet to learn what it means to empty oneself out for the sake of others and for God's will to be done. The orphan is filled with pride due to the traumas of abandonment and rejection. The mindset of the orphan goes so deep within us.

The orphan is willing to do anything to get to the top and to stay there. They will even spiritually try to murder others so that they can steal the favor (Cain with Abel ... or Saul with David).

Saul wanted to kill David so he would not lose his power, his rule, his favor, his leadership. Saul had no intention of training up David to lead. Cain was filled with murderous jealousy towards Abel's purity and favor.

An orphan will kill others to preserve themselves, out of fear of being left with nothing. The orphan sits deep within us and will navigate all we do - from beliefs to actions.

An orphan has not yet to receive the revelation of WHO they are to God in the deepest parts of their being.

The only thing to save the orphan in us .... is the revelation of Truth. Revelation of the Father's heart for us. To know our daddy and to become unmoved in His love for us!

Christians who know they are children of God, move peacefully in their relationship with God and with man ... knowing they do life and ministry FROM God rather than FOR God.

A child of God know they are fully loved and accepted no matter what. The words of man do not move them - whether it comes as praise or rejection.

A child knows they belong to God and to his family and that NOTHING can change that Truth ever! A child knows they are wanted by God and He alone determines their life and calling.

A child know no amount of persecution, hatred or opposition can ever separate them from God's love. This is the revelation that all the prophets walked in and what the disciple's walked in .... so that they could walk powerfully in the midst of the religious persecution from the Pharisees. They knew even in death - nothing could steal the favor of God on their lives. They knew who they were to their Father!

A child of God is at peace with who God has made them to be - flaws and all. They give themselves permission to fail and be in process with God. They know Jesus' sacrifice has covered them once and for all.

A child lives FROM the cross not towards the cross. They know Jesus did it all and they live from freely from the grace of that Truth.

A child of God doesn't compare their identity, their calling, their gifts and their talents with anyone else. They are happy with the identity God has given them. They don't want what was given to others. They are secure in themselves and who they are to God.

A child of God knows their divine assignment and they live to obey the One they love and the One who loves them! They live from no other voice but from the voice of God (the Bible).

A child of God can joyfully celebrate the life and callings of others. They look for ways to lift others up - to empower the teachers, the evangelists, the prophets, etc.. Jealousy doesn't exist in the heart of the child who knows they are loved.

A child of God will move people into the areas of their anointing rather than to get rid of this person. A child knows the Kingdom of God wins when people are empowered in their gifting.

Someo, who worked for Francis Chan, once told me that this is the kind of leader he is. Instead of firing someone, he would spend time with the person to really identify their strengths and calling and then he would reposition them into the area of their anointing. Not sure if this is true to not ... but to me, when I heard this, I felt so strongly - YES! This is the heart of a leader who knows they are a beloved child!

A child of God seeks to raise up and empower others. They build ministries that promote not just healing and maturing ... but also equipping and empowering. A child is never threatened by the favor of God in others.

A child of God sees the bigger picture that God's Kingdom wins when everyone is moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. When everyone knows who they are and what God put them on this earth to do.

Not just the few anointed ones. Because this is a lie. God has called everyone to be part of His team.

In God's Kingdom - He wants everyone to be on the battle field - moving in their God given purpose!

A child puts aside their differences of theology in order for God's team to win in the battle against the Kingdom of Darkness.

Like Jesus, the child can easily say to others - "greater works will you do than I have done".

Jesus did this because it was NEVER about him to begin with!

Jesus knew He was a beloved child of His Father. He had no other agenda than to do the will of the Father. He was not motivated by self nor did he have any orphan thinking in him.

It was the will of the Father for Jesus to raise up and disciple others to lead, to preach, to heal, to prophesy, to advance the Gospel and to destroy the works of the devil.

Jesus existed for the very reason of discipling the future leaders of the church!

We all have measures of orphan thinking in us. Myself included.

Are we 95% orphan and 5% child? Are we 60% orphan and 40% child?

Or ... are we 25% orphan and 75% child? What percentage are we living in and from right now?

As Christians, God wants us to be intentionally moving and being transformed from orphan to child in our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions.

He wants us being renewed in our thinking ... about Him and about ourselves and who we are to Him. Romans 12:1-2.

Want to know more about the differences between the orphan and the child?

Read Jack Frost's "Slavery to Sonship". One of the best books written on this topic.

Orphans will only reproduce orphans both in their theology and in their actions.

And children of God will reproduce children.

What we believe about God and about ourselves WILL be reproduced in our families and in our ministries.

What kind of leader we are ...... has EVERYTHING to do with what kind of cultures we will create and lead ..... whether it is in our churches, our homes, our families and even in our friendships.

God, helps us move from being orphans to children for the sake of your name and your kingdom! The orphan will do anything to destroy the work of God in others in order to save itself ... and yet the child, like you Jesus .... will be about the work of empowering others so that every person is playing on the team the "Kingdom of God".

Help us Jesus to be like you! Remove any remnants of the orphan in us! God may your body be moving on all cylinders and may every believer be empowered to be who you made them to be!

May we know who we are to you ... our daddy in heaven! May Your voice (God's Word) resonate in our hearts. May His voice lead us in ALL that we do. Amen!

Jesus only did and said ... that which He saw the Father doing. All of Jesus' ministry flowed from who He was as a child to His Father.

This is because I have never spoken on My own authority or of My own accord or as self-appointed, but the Father Who sent Me has Himself given Me orders [concerning] what to say and what to tell. And I know that His commandment is (means) eternal life. So whatever I speak, I am saying [exactly] what My Father has told Me to say and in accordance with His instructions. 
John 12:49-50 AMP

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rebuking is a Godly Action!

As you purse the dreams and passions God put into your heart ..... opposition will come from those closest to you. Those you've loved with all your heart. 

For Jesus, this was with Peter. Peter did not have God's heart for Jesus nor could 
he see God's will for Jesus' life.

Peter, unfortunately, was partnering with the voices of hell is trying to hinder, block and ultimately destroy the will of God for Jesus' life. Peter was simply listening to the wrong voice and .... prophesying falsely concerning God's will.

Peter made a way for the wrong voice to be speaking through him.

We can all fall prey to this. Any one of us can be used by the enemy to destroy someone else's life through our careless words, our harmful emails and our slander which is often wrapped up in our prayer requests for others.

The bottom line - words have the power to destroy not only a heart but a LIFE. Proverbs 18:21. This very thought should make us cry and humble us.

This is why Jesus, in the midst of Peter's ramblings about what Jesus needed to do .... Jesus needed to strongly rebuke the voice speaking through Peter.

Jesus did not receive Peter's words, nor did he digest them. He didn't believe them nor did He allow that word to shape him. Jesus knew what was on heaven's mind for him. Jesus knew what God put him on the earth to do - so he knew when the voices of hell came (even from someone close to Him) - He knew how to stop them.

The battle you will face in stepping into God's call of your life will come from someone speaking out words that are contrary to God's will for you.

The TRUTH? You WILL do what God has called you to do if you keep trusting Him. Keep believing Him. Keep listening to the voice of heaven over you.

Give no one's words (man or woman, parent or friend, pastor or leader)... more power in your life ... than God's voice (The Bible) and His heart for you.

Don't let these words act as an umbrella - shutting out the voice of heaven to you!

Come out from under that umbrella and allow God's voice to call you once again into His plans. He has good things in store for you - a hope and a future.

Mistakes do not define you - God's sacrifice of Jesus does!

How do you come out from that umbrella? How do you come out from under those words of death?

First, STRONGLY and with the power of the Holy Spirit - rebuke the words of hell and partner with the voice of heaven. Rebuking means - pushing away, denying, not receiving and not allowing those words to come into your presence or into your heart. Know what God says about you, so you can discern the voice of the enemy when he comes knocking.  If you receive those words of hell - they will begin to lead your life. They will shape your perceptions of yourself and God. Rebuke them and push those words away.

Second, allow the words of your heavenly daddy to speak life over you once again. Spent time with Him and allow Him to speak to your heart through His Word, through worship, through an encounter with Him. Allow His words to bring you back to life!

Even if those words came from someone you love, someone close to you, someone you trusted, someone you respected, someone you cared about .... you can still REBUKE the words .... not the person.

Jesus did not rebuke Peter. He rebuked the demonic working through Peter.

Don't live to please man, live to please your God.

The TRUTH again: If you are not dead, you are not done! Remove the umbrella of death and step into the rays of the SON. 


Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind things of God, but merely human concerns.” - NIV

But Jesus turned away from Peter and said to him, Get behind Me, Satan! You are in My way [an offense and a hindrance and a snare to Me]; for you are minding what partakes not of the nature and quality of God, but of men. - AMP

But Jesus didn’t swerve. “Peter, get out of my way. Satan, get lost. You have no idea how God works.” - THE MESSAGE.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sowing & Reaping: Opportunities Involve Work

I love this picture!  This is profound on so many levels.  

We often want .... without ever sowing.  To have a thriving relationship with others means we have to sow into those relationships.  To have a thriving job means we might have to do grunt work first in order to move into what we are really called to do.  These are the tests of sowing.

To have a thriving relationship with God means we must sow into that relationship by spending time tilling the hard ground of our hearts, by prayer, by the studying of God's Word, by meditating on Scripture so we can be transformed by the inside out.  

Remember, the Word of God is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12).  If we want more of the Holy Spirit in us and moving through us - we need His Word deposited in us and flowing through us! 

In messaging a Facebook friend yesterday, I couldn't help but ponder how our culture is slowly become a society that thinks we need to meet the need of every person rather than helping people how to get up and be responsible for themselves.  Helping people learn how to grow up while also truly caring for those who need it.

Same is true for our spiritual walk.  We can just rescue people by praying for them all the time, or prophesying to them ... or preaching the Bible .... but lasting transformation will come when we help the sheep move from being baby lambs to full grown mature sheep that are living, serving, giving and discipling other sheep.  Our job is not to attract people to us but to Christ.  To teach them how to feed themselves.  To teach them how to live with God in the quietness of their own hearts, in their own home, while they travel about their day.

If the sheep are not moving from being baby or wounded lambs or sheep .... into being full grown mature, thriving, selfless sheep or shepherds .... then, we as a worldwide church are losing focus.  

It has been and always will be .... about the sheep - whether lost or saved, broken or healed, immature or mature.   The sheep are always on the mind and heart of God.
  • What baby lamb or sheep is in your path that God wants you to play a role in their life?  
  • What might that role be?  Healing, mending, maturing, equipping, empowering?  
  • Where are we sowing our time, talent and treasures?  Who are we sowing into in this season?
  • Who are we called to bring Jesus' transformational power to?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tangled & Untangled

Spiritual freedom happens when we decide to be transparent with God and with others about how the crap of life (sin) has impacted us. 

So often we want to move forward with God and yet we are weighed down by "something". We are stuck and we can't move. More often than not - it is because something has ensnared us and got us all tangled up. Often, we try to keep running with that weight. And yet, we can feel it on us and we know we are not running with great strides.

These weights could represent someone else's sin towards us (we need to really forgive them) or our own falling into temptation (we need to repent and turn away from it).

It could be because the enemy planted bad thoughts into our minds about who God is and what He can do. We believe things about ourselves that are not true ... that leave us hopeless and defeated. 

True and lasting spiritual freedom (aka transformation) happens when we begin the process of untangling the impact of these things and we begin to rebuild our lives on the Word of God (renewing our mind with Truth). 

It takes courage to face our brokenness and to be honest about it with others. To open our hearts to trust. To reveal to others the secret places of pain in our lives. 

But when we do - we shift things spiritually and we move from being in bondage and being entangled ... and we move into the place of RUNNING powerfully with God again! 

We stop running with that weight and instead we run free and with great joyful strides! 

  • God, help us to know today what is the ball we are carrying? 
  • What anger, un-forgiveness, bitterness, hatred is in our hearts?
  • Who do we need to forgive so we can move forward? 
  • What sin lurks in the secret places of our hearts that we need to turn away from? Who can we confide this sin to (James 5:16)? 
  • What lies are we believing about you, about ourselves that act as a heavy weight? What truth must we know to break free from these mindsets?

God, put people in our lives who can help us untangle the impact of those balls and weights in our lives. Amen!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Humility; The Road Less Traveled.

"Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:  Who, being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death - even death on a cross!"  - Philippians 2:1-8 NIV

I love the new pope even though I am not "officially" a Catholic. I am a Christian mutt.  I am a mix of everything ... really.  

I find myself gravitating more and more to the "Vatican Insider" to hear what is on the pope's heart on any given day.  I am captivated by his humility. I love reading his tweets. I have seen false humility before and there is something very life-giving and refreshing when genuine humility is present.

I love how the pope lives a life of humility. It inspires me towards humility; the road less traveled.

I love how the pope drives a humble car, lives in a humble apartment, wears humble clothing. I love how he wants to stink like the sheep (his own words not mine).  I love how he is challenging the church to be focused on the sheep and not on the church structure (although that is needed). 

I love how he is bringing religion back to the simplicity of Christ and the Gospel.  The love of my life, Jesus.  

I think God appointed the new pope at such a time as this because the world needs to see a leader who is humble, meek and approachable. A leader who is willing to live with, stink like and die for the sheep. A leader who puts the needs of the sheep above all else. A leader who is emulating Christ in all that they say and do.

Listening to the pope has made me ponder "humility" again. To really want the humility of Christ to mark my life. I mean, to become a living testament to Christ's humility in me.

To truly die to self each day so Christ can live in me and through me.

Humility is not getting on our knees in front of hundreds of people to put on a show.  Just because we pray a lot - does not make us humble. Just because we say we need God publicaly or privately - does not make us humble. 

The humility that Christ talks about in Philippians 2:1-8 ... goes much deeper than the outward actions or words spoken.

It is ALL about laying aside our needs, our desires, our dreams, our passions and our rights for the sake OF others. We can say we are doing this but still be motivated by self and not by the Spirit of God. 

Humility means we empty ourselves out.  Completely. It means, the more humble we become, the less "selfish" we are in our thoughts, words and actions.  

It means the more we live to do God's will and not our own. It means that the interests of others are more important than our own.  

Humility in it's truest form ... is the selfless laying down of our life .... for God's will and to serve others.  It doesn't mean that we are humble because we pray more, fast more or do more. It means we are humble when we die more. 

It means we focus on the development of others rather than on the development of self (not that focusing on our spiritual growth is bad it is all about what drives us most). 

It means, we've come to realize that we were not created for ourselves but to serve and bless others. If we are focusing on our own spiritual growth or calling it is only because we are called to be a blessing to others.  

It means instead of focusing on our dreams, our callings, our wants - we focus on listening to the voice of God and discerning who we are called to serve and how. It means we ask God about those we've been called to share His love with. It might be our husband, our children, a hurting friend, a sick friend, a lost family member.  God will show you who they are.  

Any calling God might have on our life is not about us. It is always about those who need Him. Those who need to hear that He is real and He cares. Those who need to remember He has the power to deliver them from evil.  

I can't tell you how many people I have ministered to over the past 16 years who believe it is all about them. I don't mean this negatively - it is just a sad reality that I have seen time and time again.  

I, myself, at times get consumed with "what am I going to do for God" .... or "I need to pray so I can understand MY calling, MY gifting, MY purpose". There are too many "I's" and "Me's" in my prayers.  

A few years back, I had a meeting with a young gal who got a prophetic word that she was going to be the next Billy Graham. This person said they were speaking for God.  She told me she was going to speak to millions of people and she was going to change nations for Christ. I was inspired by her passion.  Although, I kept listening. This young girl quit her great paying job and she decided to wait at home to pursue her ministry of speaking to millions of people. She said she would fill arenas like Billy Graham did.  

Many years went by and this woman never did minister to anyone. She came to me asking for help.  She wanted to speak to millions and wanted some magic prayer or pill she could take to get there. She wondered why God let her down because he did not fulfill that promise (that prophetic word) and His will for her life.

She kept believing in the prophetic word on her life - that she would be the next Billy Graham.  She set her mind on this word and she built her whole life on this - to the point she was living year after year with no income and no ability to support herself.  She dropped out of college to pursue her ministry of speaking to millions.

Over the years, as she waited on that calling ... she didn't lead any Bible studies. She never opened her home to lead a small group.  She didn't meet one on one with any broken hearted people. She sat wishing and dreaming that some day - she would be this famous speaker. She kept telling me, this is what God told her she would do through this prophetic person. She was disillusioned about God, about His will, about her calling, about finances, about life.

This woman ended up homeless. She never got a job to support herself after years of waiting ... because she felt she had this powerful call from God to speak to millions.  She thought if she started working at any job, she would miss this big opportunity to speak to millions. 

She was stuck in a big trap of self and the prophetic word she got only puffed up the image she had of herself.  

When I was coaching her, I told her I often ask difficult or pointed questions.  But, if she really wanted me to help her get unstuck, then I had to ask the hard questions.

I asked her, "so, who are you ultimately called to and what do you think God has put in you that He wants to give to others through you"?

She couldn't answer those questions.  Instead, she said, "I am just called to preach the Word of God to millions of people".  I then asked, "well, what would you preach if you could ... what message has God weaved into your life that you feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to share"?  

Her answer back once again, "I am called to speak to millions".   She didn't even know what her message was or who she was called by God to serve.  She hadn't yet realized that her anointing is and always will be the work that God has done in us first.  He will never have us preach or teach until that aspect of God's truth is weaved into our lives.  I mean, we can preach a truth, but it will have much more Holy Spirit power with it - when the Word of God is alive in us first.

Some times, I think the disease of self is so subtle and so deep in us that we can't even see it ourselves.  It is truly a blind spot and we need the loving care and correction of others to show us when we are being deceived by self.  

I have seen it so many times in my years of ministry .... when people get so focused on their own vision and purpose, their own dreams that God has given them - that they forget that above all things - God has called them to lay down their lives for the sheep .... for others. ... for every sheep.  

Everyone wants the large preaching or teaching ministry but they don't want to invest into the lives of people. Because ... there is a cost to discipleship.  There is a cost of time to invest into the lives of others. It requires risk.  it requires that we give of ourselves. Something we fight to protect. However, we must do it.  Jesus did it.

Jesus did not exist for Himself.  He did not come down from heaven so He could do His own miracles, teachings and lead his own ministry.  He didn't even promote his own ministry!  He just started listening to the Father (John 12:49-50) and He did what the Father told Him to do. What was on the heart of the Father - were the broken-hearted, the demonized, the sick.  The world was broken and the world was on His heart. 

Jesus' ministry began to build simply because He was serving others! He was doing the will of the Father.  The Son of Man came to serve others not to be served.

Jesus existed to save the world from sin ..... and then to raise up a generation of leaders who were discipled, taught, empowered to bring the Kingdom of God forward through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Jesus was absent of self.  He lived to do the will of the Father.  This is why I believe Jesus agonized in the garden.  He was dying a spiritual death so that He could and would ... fully surrender to the will of His Father in heaven.  

Selfish ambition is the enemy to true genuine humility.  It is at the center of every fight, every division, every jealousy among Christians.  When self is at the center, Biblical love is no where to be found.   Self is what ends relationships and self is what prohibits reconciliation in the body of Christ.

I have seen people get strongly offended and/or wounded when someone tries to point out their selfish ambition.  They either rise up like a mighty cobra ready to attack .... or they run out of town like a puppy dog that was kicked.  The result they/we never look at the deep motives of our heart.  We never allow the work of humility to have it's way in us. 

A humble heart is able to listen to correction, weigh it, pray over it, seek Godly counsel about it and a humble heart is willing to eradicate anything that was not of God's Spirit.

We all need self eradicated from us  - myself included!  

If we want more of God, we need less of us.  We need to talk about this issue of selfish ambition with one another.  We need people in our lives who can help us get over the stumbling blocks of ourselves, our sin, our ungodly mindsets and beliefs that keep us bound and stuck.   

We need to follow Jesus' example:  to disciple others, to develop them, to walk with them, to pastor them, to pray with them, to cry with them, to train them, to empower them and to release them. This is what God has truly called us to do - to serve "them".

Self is one the most difficult things to eradicate in our lives.  It fights against God and against humility.  It gets stronger in us when we are wounded because we have a tendency to want to self-protect or to do things our way as a response to pain.   It gets stronger in us the more we are wounded.  

In those who were deeply abused, molested,  rejected or abandoned as children - self is like a huge rudder in the heart. It leads every thought, every action.   If this happens, we begin to live as orphans rather than as children.

The only solution to the disease of self is to die.  Obviously not literally.  This simply means, we make the choice to die to our own will and wishes every day and to make the choice to read God's Word to hear and discern His will.

It means we put aside any of our personal desires and daily seek and surrender to the will of God (found in God's Word).  

Self is what led the Israelites into bondage so many times in the Old Testament.  Self is what kept the Israelites from displacing the giants in the Promised Land.  Even though they got into the Promised Land - their disobedience and "doing what was right in their own eyes"  kept Israel in a very long cycle of defeat!  

I don't think we want this!  We want to touch the lives of others.  We want to see the life of God bloom in people's lives.  But, we have to lay down our desires to be someone or to do something.  We have to lay aside any prophetic words which have puffed up self and taken down Christ in our hearts.  

We have to die so that Christ can live in us and through us!  We have to get back to listening first and foremost to the Word of God and forsake the prophetic words that have led us into a life long wilderness of self ... like that young woman I ministered to a few years ago.  

The fruit of humility is truly found in the desire to help others and to live for them.  

For me, one simple way God is weaving this into my life ... is that I am making dinner for my family every night despite the fact that I HATE cooking.  It means that I stopped my career 16 years ago ... because God told me to stay home and raise my sons. It means, my family comes first before anything else (except God).

It means I stop worrying about MY calling, MY purpose and all the prophetic words spoken over MY life and I begin to just help people - one by one, group by group ... as God leads people to me for care.

As always, God is speaking to me even as I blog.  He is beckoning me to come walk with Him on the road less traveled. I want to learn from the meekest and most humble man on earth. Christ Jesus, my Lord (master).