Thursday, December 19, 2013

Faith: Nothing More, Nothing Less

"And what shall I say further? 

For time would fail me to tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets.

Who BY FAITH, they subdued kingdoms, administered justice, obtained promised blessings, closed the mouths of lions.

Extinguished the power of raging fire, escaped the devourings of the sword, out of frailty and weakness won strength and became stalwart, even mighty and resistless in battle, routing alien hosts."  

- Hebrews 11:32-24 AMP.

All throughout the Bible we are given example after example of the mighty works of God.  We see miracle after miracle happen as men and women walk out their life journey with God. 

All of these stories have ONE common denominator - BY FAITH.  

Here me again, at the very center of EVERY move of God 
... were the words - BY FAITH!  

It was the trust (BY FAITH) that was rooted in their love relationship with God that moved mountains, delivered people and freed nations. It was faith that moved Joshua and Caleb into the promise land. It was Gideon who BY FAITH helped to free the Israelites who were once again caught in their sin of self and idolatry!  

It is always about FAITH; Nothing More, Nothing less. 

It was the men and women who heard God's voice, trusted Him and kept their gaze on nothing else other than on God Himself. 

Like Jesus, they learned to do and say ONLY that which they heard the Father doing.  John 12:49-50.  

The miracles followed those who heard, those who TRUSTED, and those who obeyed the voice of the One who loves them; their dad in heaven.

When Satan comes to test you like wheat (and he will and God will allow for it for a season in order to strengthen you) there will be one thing that will be TESTED.  
What is it?  

It is your FAITH.

This is your deep trust, hope and confidence in God - in who He is, what He can do and who you are to Him.   Nothing will shake you up more than when your FAITH is tested.  

When all is stripped from you and in the deepest part of your being you choose, with your will, to TRUST in the goodness of God despite what is screaming at you from all angles. 

FAITH is the deepest part of your intimate love relationship with God.  It is at the very core of your Christian belief system.

It is the thing Satan hates most about God's children. 

It was at the core of why Job was tested and why Peter was tested and sifted. 

 "Simon, Simon (Peter), listen! 
Satan has asked excessively that [all of] 
you be given up to him [out of the power and keeping of God], 
that he might sift [all of] you like grain,
But I have prayed especially for you [Peter], 
that your [own] faith may not fail;
and when you yourself have turned again, 
strengthen and establish your brethren." 
- Luke 22:31-31 AMP.

It is the thing the enemy will target most because it is your FAITH which has the power to move mountains and unlocked hidden doors to your future and your calling.  

It is FAITH that releases God and brings down the kingdom of darkness.  It is not your religious activity that will do this.  It is BY FAITH.

God's power is released when God's children choose to hear His voice and take Him at His Word.  Trusting and believing (BY FAITH alone).

It is your FAITH which pleases the heart of God.  FAITH which moves the heart of God to action. Faith tells God that you not only believe Him but that you TRUST Him.  And when you step out into the unknown BY FAITH - God opens up a freeway before you.

The good news if you are in a season of crisis, testing or sifting?  

Jesus tells us that in those seasons of testing - HE is and will be praying that our FAITH will not fail us.  

Imagine that - the God of the universe ... the One who created the heavens and the earth is praying for you and for me.  

A God that cares so deeply about us that He actually allows suffering and testing in order to draw us ever so deeply to Him.  

Suffering is like a refiner's fire - it purifies that which is not of Him and replaces it with more of Him!  Suffering draws the impure and ungodly thinking to the surface and we receive more of the mind of Christ - if we are so willing.

If God is allowing a rough patch in our life - then He has good reason for it.  There is something deeper He is doing - and most likely it is moving us into a deeper understanding of the PERFECT LOVE OF GOD.  

A perfect love that will keep us more and more immovable for future tsunamis.  He is making us into that strong Oak tree planted, one whose storms acted as a life-giving force to deepen it's root system into PERFECT LOVE. 

If God has allowed a certain kind of crisis in our life - then let's thank Him for it.  Let's thank Him for those circumstances, those financial struggles, those health issues, those unkind and ungodly people.    

See this whole crisis as a tool ... God has used to bring each of us into the PERFECT LOVE OF THE FATHER.

HOLD onto the HOPE that Jesus promises when He says, "when this season of testing is over - you WILL go and strengthen others".  

Remember, no season is forever.  A season is just that - it comes and it goes.  

Be sure to gleam what God wants to do in and through you in this precious season of sifting.  

And remember, to get off that mouse wheel of religion (works focused) and CHOOSE to enter into God's promises for you and for others ... BY FAITH.  

It is not the doing that will release more of God individually or corporately - it is your relationship with Him and your ability to believe Him and trust Him that will!  
Let this song by Jason Upton, called "Faith" - stir the Holy Spirit in you!

Keep playing it over and over again!  Step out of the doorway of doubt, discouragement and despair and step back into the doorway of FAITH!  

Allow your confidence in God to be restored!  

Choose to place your confidence in the One who loves you!  

The One who is for you!  

The One who will NEVER forsake you or desert you!

The One who gave His life for you!  

NOTHING you do or don't do can ever separate you from the love of God.  Hear me - NOTHING!  Romans 8.  

Both Jesus and I are praying for you today....
... for your FAITH to be strengthened! 

God, let FAITH arise in the hearts of your children - your leaders and your people!  

So that the world may be strengthened in the intimate knowledge of who you are, what you can do and who they are to you!  


 "Simon, Simon (Peter), listen! 
Satan has asked excessively that [all of] 
you be given up to him [out of the power and keeping of God], 
that he might sift [all of] you like grain..

But I have prayed especially for you [Peter], 
that your [own] faith may not fail;
and when you yourself have turned again, 
strengthen and establish your brethren."
- Luke 22:31-31 AMP.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TRUST: The Heartbeat of Any Relationship!

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with friendship." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

At the center of every friendship or relationship is the word TRUST. A great word to ponder - just how trustworthy are we, really?

Do we see the heart of someone else as truly sacred and holy ... someone who was made in the image of God? Do we keep what they share with us - highly confidential? Do we speak kindly of them when they are not around? Do we have any hypocrisy in our hearts and in our friendships?

Trust is often broken in secret ways. The unkind emails, the secret addictions to porn or adultery, the slander or mocking that goes on behind closed doors.

When people give us their hearts in whatever capacity - can we see their hearts as holy?

Instead of pointing the finger (even if it is just in the attitudes of our hearts) at everyone who has broken trust with us - let us examine our hearts and ask for God's help ... to make US into a trustworthy people. We are all untrustworthy. If we think we are not - we are not looking deep enough. We've all broken trust with people ... in some way or another.

We should be pursuing God and asking Him to make us into a people who can steward the heart of another human being well.

Transformation, revival or anything else we are running after corporately in this season will not happen until the deep work of God's Spirit is done in the hearts of God's people; God's leaders first.

We've got to be spiritually healthy and thriving in order to raise up a generation of spiritually healthy people! We will duplicate who we are and what we are. We will raise up more orphans or we will raise up more children of God.

We ALL fail at this most sacred honor of stewarding trust. We all fail at seeing people at sacred to God. And yet, we should aspire to being someone that others can say ... she or he ... is trustworthy. We should ask the Holy Spirit to help us, empower us, lead us and to help us become more and more like Christ.

Two books on this very topic are the book "Safe People" by Cloud and Townsend and the book called, "Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse".

Both books will open our eyes to see unhealthy, unsafe and toxic people (and churches and organizations too!) so that we have better discernment in who is trustworthy and who is not - so we don't just give our heart over to anyone!  Not everyone should have access to our hearts or our lives.  We can love them and yet "guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life".  

Guarding our hearts is Biblical and a skill that must be developed!

These books will help us to see unsafe tendencies in ourselves too. We shouldn't feel shame if we see unsafe or abusive aspects in ourselves - we should see it as an opportunity by God to become more like Him - more loving, more kind, more safe in our relationships with people.  We should adjust with God and allow Him to do the transformation in us.

Both books will help us to identify who we can share the most intimate details of our life with - and who to love but who not to let into the inner chambers of our hearts.  For those of us, who were not trained how to discern health from unhealthy - will greatly profit from reading these books.

Another great passage to ponder and ask God about ... is found at the end of John chapter two.

Where it says, "Jesus knew what was in the heart of man and he chose to trust NO ONE."

But Jesus [for His part] did not trust Himself to them, because He knew all [men]; And He did not need anyone to bear witness concerning man [needed no evidence from anyone about men], for He Himself knew what was in human nature. [He could read men’s hearts.]  - John 2:24-25 AMP.

What is up with these verses?

What is God trying to tell us?

Are our expectations too high and so, when others fail us - we fall down hard with offense and bitterness?

If Jesus chose to trust NO ONE but His Father in heaven, what is our role in trusting others? 

Do we give over our hearts too freely to people? 

Should we only put our hope and trust in God?

In Christian circles, we "share" very confidential information as a means to "pastor people well" or "to intercede" or because "we need this information to lead well". We put a spiritual twist on it and we fail to see it as spiritual abuse.

While all of these reasons are true in some sense - we need to be careful that we view the information shared by someone as "their" information. Just because it was shared with us does not give us legal right to share it. We need to see it as a gift, a present that belongs to them and not to us.

Information that does not originate in us does not mean it is ours to share unless the person give us permission to share it. Learning to be safe, to be trustworthy - does not come naturally to us.

Shared information has hurt so many people. It is at the center of gossip, of slander and in the hands of the enemy and wounded people - information will hurt and destroy people.

We must learn and grow in being safe and trustworthy. We learn it by first understanding what it means to be a safe person and then two, practicing the art of it.

An interesting thing to ponder with God about TRUST.

God, help us to become trustworthy people.  Forgive us for all the times and places where we have broken trust with others. When they gave us their hearts, trusted us with sacred information ... and we did not steward that well. Help us to see people - even our enemies - as holy and sacred to you. So sacred that you gave your life for them! God, uproot all dishonor, hate, bitterness in our hearts that was created from unsafe, abusive and toxic people. Help us to be vessels of your character and nature to others. What we do reflects to the world who you are. Help us to reflect a God who is safe; a God who is a strong tower, a God who is a place of refuge for people during a storm. Help us to be that kind of person - both in public and behind closed doors - a person who doesn't break trust and if we do - we seek the ministry of reconciliation.  Amen.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Is God REALLY Enough?

"Sometimes God doesn’t want us to be rescued by others. 
He wants us to walk out of our mess with Him." 
- Joyce Meyer.

I saw this quote today from Joyce Meyer and my heart shouted a big O' YES!

Today's blog is a bit longer than usual.   Grab a coffee and let's have a moment to ponder God and this thought from Joyce together!  

This quote is just what the Lord has been talking to me about lately when it comes to the ministry of praying for people.

So often, when I minister to people, the Lord will tell me that I am not allowed to pray or do ministry with an individual.

At first, I am like ... "Why Lord?, This just doesn't seem right. Shouldn't we be available to anyone who needs you and needs prayer?"

And the Lord always reminds me that ultimately - everyone needs to find their hope, their healing, their salvation in GOD ALONE.

So often, in the midst of trauma, spiritual warfare, or while walking through very painful events - we want someone or something to rescue us.

We all do this, myself included.

Like someone drowning in a raging sea or someone caught in a tsunami of spiritual warfare - we want to run to anything or anyone that will provide some relief.

We want to be rescued from our circumstances and from painful events.

So, when this stuff is arising in us or around us - we will run from person to person, event to event, conference to conference, looking to be rescued. We hunt down those we think are anointed and we ask them to pray for us. We somehow believe that they hold the key to our healing, our breakthrough or what we need from God.

And because we are SO busy running after these things - we never learn to slow down and cultivate a life-giving relationship with God - as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We think we are running after God through these events or corporate spiritual experiences, but if we are really honest, those people or events become the focus of our hearts rather than God. We never learn to get alone with God in silence and solitude to work through the issues of our heart.

So, as we are drowning in an ocean - we will make every attempt to get out of the darkness or storm.

Our hearts will panic and like someone drowning in an ocean - our fear and anxiety and our push to be rescued will often lead us down a path to further spiritual death. Why? Because we fail to see it is GOD ALONE who provides the answers for all we need.

We fail to wait, to listen, to see and to hear Him.

What is needed in the midst of trauma or spiritual trauma - is the discipline to slow our minds and hearts down - and to fix our eyes on GOD ALONE.

We have to learn to speak to our souls, just as David did and say "why are you so downcast my soul, put your hope, your trust, your confidence in GOD ALONE". We have to speak to those raging places within us and point our soul back to GOD ALONE.

I find the greatest burden on my heart in this season is for people to learn how to do life with God. To learn how to walk intimately with Him. To learn how to stand on His Word alone. To learn to live under the authority of Scripture. To help people to stop chasing after things that seem to be life-giving but they are not.

To learn how to live FROM His Word. To learn how to bring forth TRUTH, the truth that will set people free.

To learn who God truly is and what God truly has the power to do!

To help people understand the power of the cross in their own lives! To help people live from ALL the truths that lie in the finished work of the cross. Helping people live from the transformational power of the cross!

Many people don't understand when they ask me to do ministry for them (prayer, healing, deliverance) and I say no.

In the midst of their spiritual battle, I really seek the Lord and ask Him what is His will for this person.

I don't say no because I don't love them or care - but actually, it is because I do love people deeply. But I am well aware that it is not me that can heal them. GOD ALONE holds the key to that. My job as a Christian, as a pastor, as a minister - is to help people connect with the source of LIFE - GOD.

It is like when John the Baptist said, "I must decrease so Jesus can increase". This is my job always. Decreasing so God can increase. We should never be the center of anyone's world - God should be.

Unfortunately, many pastors stay in the center and never help people or build programs and ministries that help people learn how to live life with God. By keeping the sheep infants - we keep ourselves in business. We should be trying to work our way into the background - just as Jesus did when he said, "greater works will you do than I am doing".

If we are always feeding, rescuing and doing all the work for people - they can never mature in the ways of the Spirit.

We must help to move people along in their spiritual maturity. Helping them learn how to walk with God. How to turn to Him for everything.

People who walk in oppressed countries - learn how to cultivate a life-giving relationship with God because they don't have the privilege of someone else feeding them because public teaching of the Word is not available.

So, they have learned to take their Bible and they have learned how to do life with God in the secret places of their heart. They mature very quickly in the Spirit and in the ways of God because they had to learn to cultivate this lifestyle while living under oppressed conditions.

As a church and as ministries, we do people a disservice when we meet their every need and not help people (discipleship) in how to live with God, be healed from God, walk with God and be empowered by God. We need to develop every intentional and strategic ways of maturing the sheep; developing deep inner fortitude in people.

I remember a friend of mine, who speaks all over the world, setting this example for me years ago. He was the one of two people that mentored me in the things of God's Spirit.

I remember when I was in a place of darkness - intense spiritual warfare. I would call out to help from him.

I wanted so badly to understand what was going on with me. God was doing a major work of healing me as well as releasing the gifts of the Spirit in my life. And while both of these were happening, the enemy was contending against me in such ways - it is a miracle I am alive today.

I wanted to be rescued from the spiritual warfare that was raging around my life. I remember the first time he said to me, "Lori, I pray God can be for you in this season what He could never be for you in any other season". He would never help me except to point me back to GOD ALONE.

I use to get so angry with him ... when he would say that to me. I would make judgments in my heart - like, if he was really a Christian - he would be loving and he would help me! What kind of Christian won't pray for someone else! I had no clue that what he was doing was the most loving thing he could do. He was pointing the frantic part of my heart back to God.

Looking back on it now - what he did was he drove me to seek GOD ALONE - for direction, for healing, for breakthrough and really, for GOD ALONE to be everything to me! Both him and this other dear friend of mine - were always teaching me to seek GOD ALONE - to wait, to listen, to seek God for all that I needed.

Through their mentoring, I stopped wanting to be rescued or delivered from the darkness and instead I just wanted to KNOW GOD. To go back to my life passage. To live life FROM Scripture. To consider ALL things as rubbish compared to the priceless gain of knowing God. Philippians 3:7-11.

My friends/mentors knew, that in order for me to live a life that was victorious and as overcomer in Christ - I needed to learn to cultivate a relationship with God for myself. I needed to keep pursing God in the quietness of my heart.

I needed to take long periods of time to be alone with God. To go away, to my convent, to BE with God. To stop seeking all the conferences and events and learn to cultivate a life-giving relationship with my God, my Dad, my King, my Lion of Judah.

When we have big and vacant holes inside of us - we will run through life wanting someone or something to fill it. We all do it. And we especially do it when we are facing pain.

We will even use good, spiritual activities to keep us busy and distracted from the person of God.

But the reality is, lasting peace will never come until it is GOD ALONE who fills every crevice of our being.

When GOD ALONE is the sole desire of our heart. Psalm 73:25.

When all other idols and desires are cast aside and when we realize that everything ... even our dreams, our desires, our need for healing - is garbage .... YES RUBBISH compared to the blessing of knowing God and walking through life with Him.

When we spend time with Him ... we then almost laugh ... that we would want that something else (even healing) more than Him.

I fear, that the church is losing focus on the call to heal, mature and empower the gifts of the Spirit in the sheep.

Instead of pouring efforts into intensive discipleship programs (for a lack of better words) - we are spoon feeding our people. We keep doing the work for them.

We are teaching and preaching ... and our Sunday services are thriving and yet, we are failing to teach people how to live with God in the quietness of their hearts so that they alone can live with God through any storm that may hit them.

We are praying for people and we are providing services for healing, etc.. and yet - we are not helping people to know how to get free and how to stay free. We are not giving them the tools and resources they need to live a thriving life!

We are failing to teach people the Biblical precepts for healing, for breakthrough, for living an lifestyle of an overcomer.

We need to shift this. We need to put people in touch with God so they can learn how to live out life with God. Just as with children - we don't want them to be 20 years old and still living at home. We want to see them growing, maturing and being able to stable and thriving adults. Learning how to take care of themselves. But for the spiritual life - it is learning how to live life FROM God.

This was the problem with the Israelites. It WAS the big problem. I have been studying Judges now for months and this is what the Lord has taught me.

The Israelites kept in a cycle of defeat not just because they forgot about God but also .... because they NEVER learned to walk with God as individuals and as a corporate body of people. They had to rely on a Judge (a leader) to lead them out of captivity! They seriously had no internal compass of how to hear God, how to listen to His voice (commands) and how to walk with God (obedience).

They had no idea how to be aware of the enemy's temptations to lead them into captivity and into the worship of counterfeit gods (Baal).

I believe we are coming into a time where we need to see a shift - where we as a body of people ... as Christians .... we need to stop seeking a Judge or a leader to lead us out of darkness and instead ... we need to trust God and cultivate a thriving relationship with Him. To learn to live life from GOD ALONE.

So that no matter where our nation goes in the future - we can still follow God, still obey Him, still walk intimately with Him.

Like Daniel, we can have a thriving personal relationship with God no matter what is going on around us (like being taken captive into Babylon).

We, as God's people, need to be helping the sheep - learn to live life with God. We need to be about the business of maturing the sheep, discipling the sheep and empowering the sheep.

With the storms that are coming upon this nation - we will need the Holy Spirit alive and thriving in everyone!

We can't walk through a spiritual tsunami if we are not maturing in the things of the Spirit and in the ways of God. (which comes from being grounded in the Word of God and in a personal relationship with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

We need to be helping the sheep to become God-sustaining sheep.

This is a passion of mine (if you can't tell).

Now, I am not saying there is not a season to care for broken people, to be there to pray, to help them in the midst of their darkness.

Like an infant - they need extra care. They need someone to be feeding them, caring for them, nurturing them. This is one of the ways they will know God's love is real.

But, we can't keep doing this or we will keep the sheep as spiritual babies their whole life!

We will never prepare them for the things they will face in this world.

We must help the sheep learn how to live, move and have their being in God. To help them know God's nature and character. To learn what it means to cultivate a relationship with ALL the various aspects of God's nature. To truly KNOW Him. We should never get tired of knowing Him. He is truly the most amazing person we can ever know!

If we are struggling today, we must seek to find what we need in GOD ALONE. He is truly the answer to everything that we need. Everything. There is nothing that is outside of His reach, outside the realm of His ability to heal.

So, who does God want to be for us in this season that He could not be for us in any other season?

This is the part of His nature we must learn to know intimately. By knowing this part of His nature - we will move into the place of victory. Knowing this part of Him will move us above the storm and into His presence.

The storm might not change but our perspective of God, the storm and us in it - will.

God's arms are wide open - let's run into them! Amen! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spiritual Zombie; There is HOPE

Feeling spiritual dry? 
Feel like a spiritual zombie?  
Has the Word of God become life ... less .... to you?
Do you read it and it seems like you know everything? 
Do the words on the pages seem dead?

There is HOPE! 

The Word of God IS alive and active.  Hebrews 4:12.  

If you are feeling as if the Word of God has no life in it for you ... there is a spiritual remedy. There is a temptation that will come to lead you away from the Word as your source for all living and guidance.

.... Ask the Lord if there is something you have given more power and more authority in your life than His Word (the Bible).

This "something" could even be something that is spiritually good - like we just want to worship, to pray, to be in God's presence all the time. Or we just want to intercede, to pursue healing and deliverance .... we want more of God and we see the Word of God as not enough.

This something could be that we are being led more by a prophetic word than by the Word of God. We got a word about our future that fuels our selfish ambitions and so, we link arms with it and we start down a road that was never part of God's will.

Now hear me, none of these spiritual disciplines are bad. They are ALL needed to have a vibrant and healthy life in God. They help us grow in our intimacy with God. They help us to connect with our most amazing and loving God.

But, if we forsake the Word of God for them - they can become like little or big idols in our hearts. We end up making them our God and not God as our God.

The Word of God and the Holy Spirit are no longer our foundation - and we have put something else in it's place.

The key to a THRIVING spiritual life again?

Cast aside those spiritual idols and seek to make God and He ... who is the Word, #1 again. Let the Word of God, be God.

The Word of God was what Jesus quoted when defeating Satan in the wilderness. And the Word of God (the book of Deuteronomy) was what Jesus quoted the most! He boldly declared the Word of God and it was His offensive weapon for defeating spiritual darkness. For He, was and IS the Word.

You will be surprised to see how VIBRANT your spiritual life becomes when you, in the deepest parts of your heart decide to make God and He .... who is the Word ....  #1 again.

You will begin to grow in your understanding of who God is, what He can do and who you are to Him.

If you cast down these idols in your heart, you will find the Word of God alive and vibrant again when you read it.  Psalm 73:25.

The light bulbs will start flashing and revelation will flow again! To know Christ through the Word will become the greatest desire of your heart again!  Philippians 3:7-11

All other desires ... and yes, even the spiritual lusts ... will fall to the side and you will THRIVE again.

  • Do you want to thrive spiritually? 
  • Tired of being a spiritual zombie?
  • Do you want to overcome depression and hopelessness? 
  • Do you want to overcome the spiritual oppression that covers you?

Let God's Word (the person of Christ) be your final source of authority in your life.  Learn to cultivate your own personal relationship with God.  Stop wanting people to save you, help you or deliver you and turn to God.  Let God alone be your source of all life.

Learn to talk to Jesus as you are reading the Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, guide you, correct you and lead you.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Word of God will never lead you astray. The Word of God will keep you from the deception that is rising in the world. The more you know the Word of God, the more you will know when the counterfeits are in your midst.  (See word search here on being led astray)!

Satan will do anything to lead you and those you lead away from the Word of God. He will tempt you to chase after all sorts of spiritual lusts.

Want to know what spiritual lusts looks like? 
Ask God to show you. Ask God to reveal to you what a spiritual lust could look like in your own life. Ask Him to show you own your selfish ambition leads you away from the purity of Him and your simple devotion to HIm.

He will show you ... as you read the Word. 

A good place to start on the theme of being a spiritual zombie? The book of Judges.

The Israelites were led astray, into horrific bondage due to something other than God and His Word leading them. Israel did not listen to God's Word to them (in Deuteronomy) and thus, they were led into cycles of captivity. When did freedom come to them? When they chose to have no other god but God and His Word.

Remember, Satan comes as an angel of light. Seeking to look good and spiritual and yet, like a wolf or a lion ... he is seeking to devour the shepherds and the sheep.

Remember, it is the TRUTH that will set people free and heal people.  John 8:32.  The renewing of the mind with TRUTH transforms the heart. Romans 12:2
It is the application and weaving of Biblical principles into our lives ... that leads us to spiritual life and vitality.  Weaving TRUTH into our lives takes an investment of time - into the lives of others.  

This weaving does not just happen on a Sunday morning - it happens by choosing to live Christianity 24/7.

Don't forsake the Word of God and the person of the Holy Spirit.  

If you feel like a spiritual zombie, spend some time repenting and make the Word of God, the authority over your life.  

Soon, you will feel new life coming into you - like medicine in an IV! 


The Word is alive and active - it will bring LIFE to your dry and brittle bones!