Monday, April 21, 2014

A Healthy Root System; God's Promises

This is something God is laying on my heart as a result of Rick Warren's Easter message.  If you haven't heard this message - please stop right now and go listen to this message!

If you are in a hard season of your life - this will radically change your perspective on Easter!  Click this link to hear it now! 

Do we want to make it to the resurrection Sunday in our life? 

Then we have to come back to the Promises of God for us, for our marriage, for our finances, for our children, for our church, for our faith, etc ...

I am. I have gotten stuck in the presence of God ... and in the comfort of God ... and I have failed to dive into and stand upon the promises of God!

This was my ah-ha moment ... from Rick Warren's Easter Service. I have been stuck on Saturday for far too long.

I have known the promises of God in the past ... but like the Israelites, I have forgotten what God has said to me about those promises.

I have allowed the words of man (prophetic or otherwise) lead me astray from God's Word.

Our hope is weak if we are not grounded in God and in His promises for us.

This is the huge danger of the prophetic. And I say this as one who trains and develops prophetic people ... and leaders.

If we say to people this is God's voice or His heart for you .... and it isn't - and they trust that word and we don't teach them how to test a word ... we will lead people into a wilderness ... to die spiritually.

If we focus so much on the miracles, the healing, on words of knowledge and on the gift of prophecy ... and we fail to ground people in the Word of God and His promises for them .... then ultimately what good will this do in raising mature sons and daughters?

What if we try to make a tree healthy and yet .... we fail to develop it's root system? And we fail to provide the soil it needs to thrive?

What will a healed body or heart really be able to do or withstand - if the person is weak and immature because they don't personally know God or His promises?

Can a baby oak tree or a mature oak tree with weaken and decaying roots be able to weather a massive storm? Of hurricane proportions?

Probably not. It will be taken over by despair, defeat and depression. It will be uprooted like the house from the wizard of oz. It will be taken into the land of despair.

This is why I have always been passionate about training and equipping people as it relates to prayer, to stewarding well ... the voice of God and the gifts of the Spirit. To equipping and developing people.

It's like telling a child to obey ... and yet never teaching them the what they need to obey and the why, and to help them to see the fruit that obedience will bear.

We seriously can't be living apart from the Word of God - from knowing it, believing it, and living it. Knowing His promises and knowing His commands.

This is one of the MAIN lessons I have learned in this season. A conviction to be grounded in God's Word and now ... the reminder of the power of God's promises!

The root system of our faith must sink deeply into God; into what He has said in His Word.

So, when we get hit by the life's tsunami's and storms (and we will get hit by them ..) - we will make it to resurrection Sunday!

Now, I am not saying those are not important ministries (healing, miracles, words of knowledge, gift of prophecy, etc..). I flow in those gifts myself.

But, what God is reminding me of - is the truth that we must teach, preach and help people become grounded in God's Word. We must not neglect the maturing of God's people and helping them to have a healthy root system!

God and His Word ... must become our unwavering bedrock.

We must not just seek to make a tree healthy without ensuring that their root system is going into good soil! Soil that will help it grow strong.

If the storms are coming - and they are - we have to make sure people are secure in Him. Secure in His love. Secure in His promises. Secure in His Word.

So when the storms come - people will not be shaken.

They will be that mighty oak tree with a healthy, thriving and vibrant root system.

That no matter how fierce the storm - the roots will hold them down when the winds try to destroy them!

The roots will be able to strongly declare - "no weapon formed against me shall prosper" ... or "God, will never leave me nor forsake me" ... or "when the floods come, I will NOT be devoured" ...

Yes, I am spending my day studying the Promises of God ... and pondering this very topic.

I am re-learning what God's Promises are for me ... personally and for the circumstances I have been facing ... both in my physical body and in my heart.

To come back to God's table (to His presence) ... to open His Word ... to eat what nutrients I have been missing.

To truly see what ungodly beliefs have left me anemic and without resurrection power.

Using my Bible and these resources from decades ago .... to search out what promises I have forgotten, those I have not claimed .... and to understand what I am not standing on - and yet I should be!?

When is the last time you studied the promises of God for you and for the circumstance you are facing?

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