Saturday, April 12, 2014

God: Our Only Anchor

When we put our hope, confidence and/or expectations onto people to fulfill a need .... and then they let us down due to their own failings, shortcomings, sin or brokenness - we can become filled with offense, pain, bitterness, etc..

But what IF we got a lens change?

What IF there was a place we could live free from offense because we saw things with the mind of Christ?

He was able to remain free from offense and free to love people despite how they treated him.

God didn't create us so that we would place our hope in people or in circumstance - although that is our human temptation to do so. This is how the old man in us would live; not the new man - the new creation in Christ.

God made us to place our hope into Him.

Scripture is SO clear and we must come to see it as truly THE guidebook for daily living. Scripture says ... HOPE deferred makes the heart sick!

HOPE in God fills us with life and confidence; with a boldness to live FROM His heart for us.

If we are sick in heart - then I can almost guarantee that our hope has been in something or someone ... other than God!

We have anchored our hope into water and ground ... that is NOT God.

In the last verse of John chapter two, John says something so profound and life-changing. I think if we truly "get" and understand on a revelatory level what Jesus is saying - it can truly transform how we live our lives. Change how we move forward with God despite persecution, hatred, jealousy and murder.

John says (paraphrasing it here) ...

.... "Jesus knew what was in the heart of man and he chose to trust no one"! No one.

Wow! I have been pondering this verse and this portion of John for a few years now.

What does this mean - that Jesus himself did not anchor his hope, his trust, his confidence into any man - but into God alone.

Jesus chose ONLY to live from the place of trusting in the nature of God and the Father's love for him.

What would happen if the fear of man no longer reigned in the heart of man?

What would our lives would look like - if we lived from this same mindset? This same revelation and understanding?

I think we would live free of offense and free from pain and free to be bold like Jesus in the presence of the Pharisees and free to love the demonized and the broken like Jesus did!

God, help us to uproot the anchor that we have misplaced. Help us to identify the areas of pain or trauma - where we anchored into something other than your unfailing love or any other aspect of your nature. Forgive us deeply for seeking anything other than YOU and Your love to feed us. Help us to come back to the place of ONLY placing our HOPE into you! Let the only anchor of our lives - be anchored in the the fullness of your character and your nature as revealed only in the Word of God. Amen!

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