Listed below are testimonies, references or endorsements from people I have ministered to ... or served with while in ministry these last 17+ years.

Hopefully, these will provide you with a snapshot of who I am and the ministry I am passionate about providing.  I have worked with individuals, leaders, pastors and ministries throughout the Sacramento area.

If God has touched your life through my ministry  .... please send me an email at loridethlefs@gmail.com and share what God has done.

We overcome and walk in victory by the blood of Jesus and the power of our testimony! 

I just started building this page ... so thank you for your patience.


"I have known Lori for 10 years now and have seen The Lord work mightily both in her and through her.  Through trial and triump she has remained true to His heart and sought the heart of God over the hand of God in both personal and ministerial realms.  She desires to love and see His will done as a result.

Her heart is pure and genuine, sincerely listening and diligently praying.  She has walked with me through many seasons, good and bad, and fought for me and with me!  I am thankful for her heart, her obedience and her understanding of friendship as she effectively reaches so many lives.  She is a walking example of God's restoration in beauty for ashes.  She is beautiful and unassuming, with real life experiences in life's trenches ... not just with the mind to speak about them.  She is very gifted, but I'm far more thankful for her heart, than her gifts, though it is a beautiful light as the two marry!"  - Rachel Nava.


"Lori Dethlefs is a rare combination of deep spirituality and professionalism.  Her gifts as a communicator and her impact prophetically bring dramatic impact to all she touches including my own life.  I consider it an honor to have served along side her in different ministry situations and found her to be sincere, insightful and skilled in her work."  - Doug Tawlks, Director of Life Bridge Ministries.  


"I met Lori 13 years ago at Bayside Church in Granite Bay.  My dad who is a pastor on staff at Bayside, introduced me to Lori.  She asked me if I wanted to meet for a Bible Study with her and another young adult girl she was mentoring at the time.  Having just moved to the area,  I was excited to meet with them both but I had no idea how God would use Lori in my life that year.  The guy I was dating at the time died in a car accident and my world was turned upside down.  Lori was there for me and taught me the power of journaling my prayers.  My prayer life, and as a result my relationship with God, completely changed.

God has continued to use Lori in my life.  She listens to God and speaks truth to my heart.  She is deeply connected with God, passionate and transparent.  I always leave our time together understanding my heart and my fears better and encouraged to live free in the love of Christ.  Even my husband loves when I get to talk with Lori, because he sees a change in me when I do.  I an thankful for her friendship and the mentor she has been to me."  - Laura Alseth, California.


"Lori is a recent friend and a fellow warrior in the Kingdom.  Since meeting recently, she has given me several prophetic words personally and also for the ministry I work for.  Her prayers are powerful and her prophetic words were right on target and gave clarity on how to pray and battle the forces of darkness coming against me. " - Stephanie Midthun w/ Courage Worldwide


"Lori Dethlefs is a true daughter of the King, in love with Jesus the True Shepherd and she listens well to the voice of wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Like many people I meet in this life, Lori is amazing.  One of the things I really appreciate and love about her is her heart.  She will stop at nothing to pursue God and know Him better, deeper and more intimately every day.  Like all of us, she has good days and hard days.  She is a very real person and desires to connect with people right away where they are at .... the good, the messy, the hurting, the joyful ... in all of it. 

Lori is a true builder and connector.  She was created to bring life giving words to others so that they may know intimacy with God and the deep love the Father has for them.   Lori has been in full time ministry for over 17 years and has seen and grown a lot as a person and as a servant-leader.  She truly desires to give people tops so they they may behold God and become all that He intended for them to be.  It is Lori's heart to create a space always where people can connect with God and has done so through various ministries and schools she has developed, built and led.  Lori is a strategic leader, a teacher and one who intentionally listens and looks for wisdom in the Word of God to discover deeper revelations of God's character and to share them with others.

I have personally enjoyed developing a relationship with Lori these past five years.  First in her women's Bible studies and then as a student in her ministry school and then as a friend as we weekly seek God together at His table.  In all of this time, I again come back to how much I love her heart ... for from it flows the wellsprings of Life!  All of us have gifts and callings on our lives, and life-giving words just happen to be Lori's.  So, if you want to hear about what is being put on her heart from the Lord, I invite you to connect with her here on her blog, on her You Tube Channel, or join one of her local Bible studies, retreats or special events!  Come sit at the table with the Father and hear His heart beat for you today!"  - Kelly Glacken, Sacramento. 


"I have known Lori for over 10 years.  She has blessed me over the years with her friendship.  We also served together on the same prayer ministry team at Bayside Church in Granite Bay.  God has given her many spiritual gifts.  Her heart to edify the Body of Christ and her passion for Biblical teaching, prayer, and helping people find healing and being set free are some of the things I have experienced and witnessed from her ministry over the years.  We've also had the pleasure of teaching together on the topic of intimacy with God and prayer. 

Lori desires to help people walk in the fullness of who God created them to be, which flows out of an abiding relationship with God.  Her own love relationship with Christ as well as extensive training in healing prayer and her theological studies, combined with years of leadership and church ministry, give her a strong foundation for ministry.  Her gift of prophecy and healing prayer have been a huge blessing in my life and she has so much to offer those who are going through pain, struggle fear and other strongholds".  - Lori Markle, Sacramento. 


"Lori is truly on fire for Christ!  I first met Lori when joining her women's Bible study in and then when I was a part of her prophetic school of ministry at The Rock of Roseville.   She has such an intense love for God that is so evident in her Biblical teachings, prophetic words and even just in conversations with her.  I have been blessed by Lori and even though we don't live in the same state now, I love that I am ministered to by her through Facebook and her online ministry.  Lori is the real deal"  - Julie Peterson, Texas. 


Lori has blessed my life for so many years.  We met in 2000.  We both had a heart for prayer and wanting to grow closer to the Lord.  We started a prayer ministry at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California and we would meet on Sunday mornings to pray with others with the same heart and love for our church.  She and her husband Mike blessed me beyond words with their precious love and generosity.   She gifted me with a little treasure in 2002 for my birthday, a devotional called "Streams in the Desert" which I read daily.  I have such fond memories of bringing our praise and prayers to the Lord for many hours at times ... which never seemed like enough time!  She has prayed with me in tears for my children.  I could write a novel of how she has blessed me but will conclude that she is a precious soul and a beautiful sister is Christ that I love so much."  - Liz Rizzo, California. 


"Lori was my spiritual formation leader at William Jessup University.  I have always seen the fire she has for the Lord and it's very inspiring to see God work through her.  I've learned so much about the character and heart of God through Lori's Bible teachings.  She is transparent, truthful and has a kind heart.  The thing that separates Lori's ministry from others is her openness about her life and her love for the broken.  She speaks God's Truth and desires to have a heart like Jesus.  Lori has been a spiritual mother to me and a huge blessing in my life.  She is a true prayer warrior."  - Michelle Loiseaux,  California.


"I met Lori through my spiritual formation group at William Jessup Univeristy.  She was my spiritual formation leader at the time.  I'm also blessed to have her as a spiritual mom!  Lori truly takes the time to seek what is on God's heart when praying for others, in order to align with God's Spirit to bring healing ... deliverance ... and spiritual freedom to that person. 

She does this by seeking God's Word and through prayer. God has given her a huge anointing in the prophetic and she takes the stewardship of God's voice seriously - focusing 100% on what God is wanting to do in the life of that person.  In my own life, God has used her in so many different ways to lead me to knowing God and His heart for me.  

In the fall of 2013, I rapidly lost my ability to walk and started to face a lot of scary problems with my health.  I ended up in the hospital for weeks.  Lori was there almost every day, visiting me, while almost everyone else in my life seemed to walk away from me.  Her actions had a profound affect on my heart.  Showing me what true Biblical love and friendship is.  God has used her in so many different ways during this season of my life.  It is such a blessing from Him to have someone who understands the suffering you are facing.  It is always a blessing to see how God continues to work through her for His glory, in the lives of so many people!"  - Rachel Burke, California.


"I am so thankful that God brought Lori into my life.  God has given her a huge heart to see people live free -- to help people remove everything holding them back from being all that God created them to be.  She knows the power of the Good News of the Gospel, that Jesus' death and resurrection is sufficient to free us from any bondage and especially to remove all hindrances so we can trust God, see Him clearly and have a relationship with Him.  God has worked through her in countless ways to build me up in my relationship with Jesus through prayer, encouragement, Biblical teaching, mentoring and friendship.  I can't wait to see what else God has up His sleeve for her to do - I know many more will be blessed."  - Janelle Salstrom.  


"Lori, our dad in heaven highlighted you years ago and it was amazing!  You have renewed my heart and mind in so many different areas! You are truly an inspirational daughter!"  - Lee Anne Schall, California.


Lori has been a family friend of mine for a very long time and has poured into my life of many occasions.  But especially in May of 2013, when I was struggling with depression and hopelessness.  In the absence of my parents, while they were away on vacation, Lori was the only person I felt comfortable to share my struggles with and to pray for me.  Lori is a true friend through and through but more than that - she is also so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hears what He is saying and partners with Him.  I'm so thankful for who she is and the way she portray's God's love."  - Christina Parker, Arizona.

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  1. Lori has been a family friend of mine for a very long time and has poured into my life on many occasion. But especially in May 2013, when I was struggling with depression and hopelessness. In the absence of my parents, Lori was the only person I felt comfortable to share my struggles with and pray for me. Lori is a true friend through and through but more than that she is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hears what He is saying and partners with it. I'm so thankful for who she is and the way she portrays God's love!

    - Christina Parker