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Blessings Everyone! 

Listed below are testimonies from my You Tube Channel.  

These testimonies are listed here - to reveal the God who loves you, the God who cares about you and the God who wants to walk and talk with you!  

Thank you so much for taking this spiritual journey with me and with Him! 


"Lori, I watched your video on Overcoming Depression.  I wanted to thank you.  It was very insightful.  I had not looked at depression from the perspective of what I am placing my hope in.  My depression has been virtually life long.  So, at first I didn't know how the message would apply to me since the examples you gave were more on current events.  But as I prayed with you at the end ... to ask the Lord what I had put my hope in ... that would cause such a longitudinal depression ..... it because clear to me from the Holy Spirit that the answer was "parents".  As a child, I had hoped that my parents would nurture and comfort me through difficult and traumatic experiences and that they would protect me from such experiences, etc...  I think that is definitely part of the root system of depression for me and I will be processing that with the Lord in the weeks to come.  Thank you so much.  God bless you and keep up the good work.  A grateful subscriber." 


Lori, I wanted to thank you for your video on Overcoming Depression.  I have struggled with depression for years.  In the last month, I was thinking of ending my life.  I had lost all hope.  I found your You Tube channel by searching the word "depression".  I watched your video and I asked Jesus into my life.  Literally, all the torment and depression went away. I am so excited to start my journey with God and to put my hope only in him ...."  

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